Photogrammetry is an analysis method in which measurements are extracted from photographs. Photogrammetry can be done on historic photographs, images captured from video footage, photos taken by another witness or investigator and on photographs that were taken specifically with photogrammetry in mind. The main advantages of photogrammetry are very high accuracy, the ability to capture evidence and then defer analysis until it’s needed, and the ability to measure items of any scale (from a mouse to a mountain). We use professional level photogrammetric tools and methods.


Laser Scanning

3D laser scanners are devices that combine laser distance measurements and an optical camera. They take millions of individual spot measurements and then color them to match what the optical camera sees at the same point. The result is a very detailed an accurate “point cloud” that is a 3D model of whatever was measured; whether that is a vehicle, machine part, boat, aircraft, building, hillside, stockpile, or anything else.