SV Tally Ho

Documenting the rebuilding of a 1910 gaff cutter sailboat

This is an amazing and ambitious on-going project to rebuild a wooden sailing yacht with an impressive pedigree that sat neglected for many years. Her complete rebuild started in 2017. Ultimately, we will be providing the owner with digital twin of the finished vessel that will include the hull, deck, interior and systems. This will be a valuable reference for any future maintenance or modifications.

We are laser scanning the vessel at major milestones to provide a master 3D point cloud that designers will use to fit meshes of the the interior and test fitment of the engine, tankage, etc. We have also provided planking cross-sections at the locations of each bulkhead and these have been printed off at 1:1 scale to make the templates to test fit in the vessel – they matched exactly.

Tally Ho sailboat with planking
Tally Ho and her little buddy
bulkhead perimeters
Tally Ho bulkhead perimeters viewed from aft
bulkhead locations within vessel
Tally Ho frames and planking
Contour lines on hull viewed from below
Tally Ho from below with contour lines
bulkhead locations with planking omitted
Tally Ho bulkhead locations (with planking omitted)

Check out Leo’s YouTube channel to see the rebuild progress!

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