SV Journey

Using photogrammetry & laser scanning to get precise dimensions of 37′ ketch

This was a series of projects to obtain 3D dimensions for a sailboat. They included:

  • getting exact countertop shape
  • finding position and angle in 3D of thru-hull for galley sink drain
  • finding space available for holding tank in forepeak
  • getting the shape of bulkhead to hull curvature to fabricate custom teak trim
  • determining material to remove from skeg to correct for rudder manufacturing error

The rudder issue related to a rebuilt rudder that had too much fiberglass added to the forward side of the stock. As a result it would bind with the trailing edge of the skeg at some rudder angles. We laser scanned the entire new rudder and the skeg, overlaid them in 3D drawing software and extracted a series of cross-sections incrementing up the length of the rudder stock. This provided the amount that had to be removed from the skeg up its entire length. Once that material was removed, the rudder was reinstalled and it could rotate smoothly throughout its full range of motion.

Galley photogrammetry
skeg viewed from aft with waterline references
Skeg with markings for reference when removing excess material
cross-section of sailboat with interior
Cross-Section of sailboat with interior
Top down view of rudder and skeg interference
rudder range of motion
Oblique view of rudder range of motion