Damaged Vehicle Cross-Sections

Cross Section
Overlaid Cross-Sections of Damaged Car (in Color) and Undamaged Car (in Black)

3D Laser scans and cross-sections of damaged vehicle

This was a project to scan both a damaged vehicle and its undamaged twin (i.e., an “exemplar vehicle”). By overlaying the two point clouds we obtained exactly how far and in what direction the damaged vehicle was crushed. This information is useful in forensic engineering and accident reconstruction analyses.

Impact Alignment max Engage to Separation
Impact Alignment from Maximum Engagement to Separation

3D Impact Alignment

By utilizing the 3D laser scans and cross-section of both vehicles at different elevations we are able to see how they fit together like puzzle pieces. This visual allows us to provide invaluable information regarding the how th evehicles approached impact and what would happen to the occupants inside of them.

There are numerous data points that can be analyzed from the laser scans. The maximum engagement to separation images here allows us to see not only the point of impact, but also how they rotated away from one another. This provides a fuller more detailed picture for the analyst.